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There are different kinds of bears. Deciding which is best among others may not be questioned requiring a straight-jacketed answer but a review of the kinds of bears may give a clue straight-jacketed may be considered the best the others. There are about eight different kinds of bears namely, Asiatic black bear, sloth bear, North American black bear, polar bear, brown bear, Andean bear, panda bear, and the sun bear.

A quick look at each of them below.


  1. The Black Asiatic Bear
  2. The Sloth Bear
  3. The North American black bear
  4. The Polar Bear
  5. The Brown Bear
  6. Andean bear
  7. The Panda Bear

The Black Asiatic Bear

This bear is a unique bear that live in eastern Asia. It is a dangerously carnivorous animal yet its meats constitute only a small piece of its diet feeding majorly on grasses, seeds, insects, and honey among others. The Black Asian bear has a dark hair with white patches around the chest that are very distinctive. However, because of the dangerous carnivorous nature of this bear, it may not be considered to be the best bear.



The Sloth Bear

This bear is solid with lengthy, unkempt, dark fur and snowy shapes like U or Y marks on its chest. They have huge jaws and a stretched tongue. It has a whitish schnozzle and expansive hook-like talons with which the bear scramble trees and scavenge for termites. This bear is not as dangerous as the Black Asian bear. The Sloth Bear is a nocturnal animal that inhabits homegrown ranges that they appear cheerful to part with other sloth bears. This bear feeds on ants and termites. It could have some benefits eating up all ants and termites around your home.

What Kind Of Bear Is Best

The North American black bear

This bear is omnivorous. It feeds on both plants and animals. However, it eats mostly vegetables. It could sometimes be black cloured, bluish, white and brown. This is the bear mostly known by the North American region. This bear that feeds on plants and animal could somewhat be scary and may not be said to be the best bear.

What Kind Of Bear Is Best

The Polar Bear

This bear is the largest male that ever lived. It is among the biggest class of bears in the world. On the average, the most exciting aspect of this bear is its size in general like Methuselah. Thus, because much is known of it, one may not say is the best or not the best of the bears.

What Kind Of Bear Is Best

The Brown Bear

This bear is known generally for its color that ranges from black to brown. It belongs to the class of the biggest bears in the world and found in some parts of Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Also, because much is known about this type of bear, one may not say whether it is the best bear or not.

What Kind Of Bear Is Best

Andean bear

This bear is the most vulnerable among the class of bears in the world. Thus, it is seen as illegal to kill them. The Andean bear is an endangered species. Endangered species. It has black fur. In relation to other bears that are living, this Andean bear has a rounded face and a fairly short and wide schnozzle. It is assumed that its facial construction makes it susceptible to large carnivorous food. Thus, because of its venerable nature, it may not be said to the best bear.

What Kind Of Bear Is Best

The Panda Bear

The panda bear also belongs to the class of the vulnerable species. This bear does not hibernate like other bears. It moves about in a warm and lowers elevated areas. This bear can be extremely active at all times both day and night. It is one of the best bears in the world.

What Kind Of Bear Is Best

Therefore, the best bear could be either the panda bear or the sloth bear.

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