What Is the Longest River in The United States?

It’s not such a bad idea to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life everyone once in a while. One of nature’s grandest attractions, of course, would be the rolling blue rivers in the United States. You don’t have to be a fisherman or expert hiker to appreciate rivers in the US –just one who enjoys the little things in life. Whether or not it is listening to the peaceful sounds of the stream or dipping your toes in the cold, fresh water, what’s not to love about these small slices of heaven?


  1. The Longest River in the US
  2. The History of the Missouri River
  3. Visiting the Missouri river

What Is the Longest River in The United States

The Longest River in the US

All things considered, what is the longest river in the United States? Cue –the Missouri river. The Missouri River is known in the US as the longest river in the country! The river spans around a distance of 2341 miles and is located smack dab in the mountains of Western Montana. The Missouri River is also shaped through and through by the Jefferson, Madison and Gallatin water pathways in North America. Although the Missouri River commonly gets mistaken for the Mississippi River (another long river spanning around 2320 miles), the Mississippi comes only as a close second to the behemoth waterways of the Missouri river.

What Is the Longest River in The United States

The History of the Missouri River

Nicknamed the “Peki-tan-oui” by French researches and somehow also earning the label Big Muddy, the Missouri river was sacred home to thousands of indigenous tribes. Around approximately 12,000 years ago, many tribes occupied the river bank to carry out daily activities –washing, hunting, working and many others. They also cared for livestock along the river to provide them with food sources such as meat and produce, along with the ample traditional herbs that the Missouri river allowed to grow.

What Is the Longest River in The United States

The Missouri river was used as a source of trade, transport, and sustenance by the natives before they were eventually colonized. Shortly after, the river was encountered by the French, Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet. The French than capitalized on the usefulness of the river –using it to carry out a number of activities such as moving along their fur business and transporting raw materials.

Visiting the Missouri river

As of today, the river provides not only important value but remains as a piece of history for both Americans and everyone else to witness. The Missouri River is a great resource for the country’s water and hydroelectricity. There is, however, a large piece of the river that’s designed specifically to be for recreational use –which basically just allows visitors to come every once in a while.

There are several local parks, and lush gardens accompanying the land nearby the river to encourage the influx of tourists, outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers or people who just simply need a breath of fresh air every once in a while.

The Missouri river isn’t just there for all aesthetics! If you’re American, it is a center loaded to the brim with valuable history and important lessons to learn from. Its tranquil waters and clean river banks are also kept that way for a reason –to preserve the image of good old American spots. If you ever get the chance to drop by, take it all in one second at a time and feel free to unwind as nature delivers her best all for you. Also, don’t forget to pick up trash you might’ve left of from picnics and whatnot!

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