What does it mean when your nose itches? – All beliefs

An itchy nose is a common occurrence in our everyday life but most of us ignore it and term it as daily and ordinary. However, there are multiple beliefs of what an itchy nose signifies and here we will be covering the most famous ones amongst them.

The first mention of an itchy nose signifying something other than annoyance was mentioned in an astronomer named Melton’s book. According to Melton, whenever you feel an itch on a nose it is likely that you are going to meet a stranger.


  1. The important letter theory
  2. The argument theory
  3. The money theory
  4. The visitor theory
  5. The ominous theory
  6. The “meeting with a fool” theory
  7. The anger theory
  8. The fight theory

What does it mean when your nose itches

Here are the other beliefs of what does it mean when your nose itches:

The important letter theory

According to an old folklore, an itch on the tip of the nose signifies that you will be receiving an important letter. However, the old tale does not specify whether the letter will be the harbinger of a good news or a bad news.

The argument theory

Another old fable suggests that an itch on your nose is a sign that you will end up getting into an argument soon. The argument signifies a conflict of sorts that makes the itch a bad sign.

The money theory

One of the most famous and lucrative beliefs is that an itchy nose suggests money is coming your way. Now that is the belief we all want to come true. However, some of the myths suggest an itch specifically in the columella of your nose is a strong indication of money coming your way.

Columella is the tissue or septum which links nasal base to the nasal tip. So an itch on the columella might mean you get to buy something new.

The visitor theory

The side on which you feel the itch is indicative of the gender of the incoming visitor according to some old tales. An itch on the left side of your nose indicates that you are going to have a male visitor soon.

An itch on the right side not only suggests a female visitor but also indicates a possibility of new romance in your life. It is said that whenever the left side of your itches, someone has already fallen for you or a love prospect is ready to take an entrance in your life.

The ominous theory

According to some tales, itching of the nose always indicates the coming of bad moments in your life. The tale further classifies the belief on the basis of the area of the itch.

If you feel an itch on the inside of your nose it is suggestive of the fact that you will soon be drowned in sorrow due to the problems in your life.

If the itch is on the outside of your nose, it is believed that you will soon end up annoyed at someone. Both these theories suggest bad omens coming into your life.

The “meeting with a fool” theory

According to the North American culture, an itch the nose is indicative that you will soon kiss a foolish person.

The anger theory

In the state of Michigan, people believe that an itching nose suggests you are going to get angry at someone or something soon.

The fight theory

According to a popular belief in Ireland, your nose itching is a will lead you into a physical altercation with a person standing beside you.

So there you are, here are the most popular beliefs about what does it mean when your nose itches. You can pick your favorite and choose to categorize it as good or bad.

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