Personalized TV listings plus a universal remote control

Personalized TV listings plus a universal remote control, in the convenience of your handheld computer!

Software Description

Our Universal Remote software plus Personal TV listing data for your handheld device.

  • Displaying your customized TV-listing on the PDA screen (screenshot pictures with variants of program displays on the PDA screen).
  • Switching to a program from TV-listings (screenshot pictures with variants of switching to a program from the Program window).
  • Personal selections of TV channels, program categories, times, actors, rating.
  • A personal remind list.
  • Home equipment control with the help of buttons on the PDA as well as by pressing virtual buttons on the PDA screen.
  • The program operates in PalmOS (Palm tm Operating System) and in Pocket PC (Windows CE ® Operating System).

New! NoviiRemote Lite for Palm OS

Get up and running in a few moments!

NoviiRemote Lite works exactly like NoviiRemote Deluxe except that the Lite version does not support macros and button layout editing.

However, the Lite version can display customized codebases that one may have created with the Deluxe version.

If you hate spending a lot of time carefully tuning and setting up software, the Lite version is just for you.

Create your own remote control!

NoviiRemote Deluxe for Palm OS

Use the Deluxe version to create your own button layouts and macro programming.

You may rename and move buttons, delete unnecessary buttons, create additional pages etc.

You may create a macro that will turn on three devices with one button. You can switch the cable TV for your favorite 155-h channel with only one click.

NoviiRemote Deluxe supports all Palm OS handhelds including Treo 680, Treo 755p, Palm T|X etc.

More info by NoviiRemote Deluxe for Palm OS Success stories Compatibility

NoviiRemote Blaster for Treo 650

The only way to use your Treo 650 as a good remote control!

A special SD accessory plus software turns a Treo 650 into an ultimate universal remote control.

Perfect for when you’re traveling! The range is up to 75 feet and a wide beam angle. Controls over 10,000 home entertainment devices.

It’s fun to change TV channels while you’re sitting in an airport, bar, etc.

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