Turkey visa for US citizens – Requirements

An electronic visa just as the word sounds is a document which legal and officially acquired by an individual to allow him or her entry into another country.

Any US citizen willing to be permitted to enter and travel inside Turkey freely and comfortably will have to get one for him or herself in order to do so.

From the word electronic, this document is acquired through electronic means after the applicant has filled all the information required by him via the internet.


  1. Contents of a Turkish e-Visa
  2. The validity of e-Visa
  3. How to apply for the e-Visa
  4. Benefits and recommendations of the e-Visa

Contents of a Turkish e-Visa

A Turkish e-Visa has a number of components that any United States citizen will have to look at once they acquire them through a private provider.

The information contained in the e-Visa is usually written in two languages that are in Turkish language and the US language.

It also contains personal information of the visa holder such as full names, passport number, a photo of the applicant, marital status among many more.

Furthermore, the QR code and the identification number of the visa must be present. It should be noted that many visas look alike containing features that are the same.

The validity of e-Visa

A Turkish electronic visa is valid for 180 days which is equivalent to 6 months immediately after its application and acquisition.

Visitors from the united states will be granted frequent visits to and from turkey provided the 180 days have not yet elapsed.

However, electronic visa holders are only allowed into the country primarily because if two reasons. These are for tourism purposes and secondly for conducting business matters.

Further attempts like searching for employment are prohibited and if found legal actions will follow resulting from the user being burned from visiting Turkey again.

How to apply for the e-Visa

Citizens of the United States willing and admiring to visit Turkey either for adventure or business matters can visit any private service provider that is recognized other than the Turkish e-Visa website to apply or purchase one.

Apparently, the e-Visa website is one of the best private providers. Applicants need to fill their personal information and any relevant information that they may be required of them before receiving the document including paying the fee required for the processing to be completed.

Payment is also done online through entering any relevant payment method such a MasterCard number and so on.

Once the details are entered via the service providers websites, an interaction protocol is permitted between the embassy website and the provider’s website. If the application succeeds, a message containing a link is forwarded to the passport of the user and vice verse.

Therefore the service provider will print the document or refer the applicant to nearby e-Visa embassy if rejected.

Benefits and recommendations of the e-Visa

An e-Visa has a number of benefits for both the US citizen user and the Turkish state at large. Holders of the e-Visa will freely and comfortably travel to Turkey without going through any difficulties. The immigration department will also be in a good position in keeping track of the visitors, therefore, ensuring the security and there were about among many other benefits.

It’s advisable to carry with you a copy of your e-Visa document while traveling to avoid unnecessary milestones in case computer break down happens at the immigration department offices at the entry terminals.

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