How To Get A Visa For Cuba? – Applying online

Any individual who needs to enter Cuba should initially get a visa. There are sure classes of individuals who are exempted from this prerequisite.

An individual planning to head out to Cuba ought to apply for a Cuban visa well ahead of time to maintain a strategic distance from any postponement in the preparing.


  1. Cuban visas sorts 
  2. How to apply for a Cuban visa?
  3. Applying online
  4. DS-160 Application
  5. DS-260 Application
  6. Points of interest in applying online

Cuban visas sorts

Cuban visas are of two fundamental sorts – foreigner and non-migrant visa. The first is for the individuals who need to move to Cuba and settle down there consistently.

The last is for individuals who come to Cuba on excursions for work, proficient meetings, therapeutic medicines, sports, delight trips and a lot progressively just for a brief time frame. Individuals should initially decide the motivation behind their visit and pick the most fitting visa.

How to apply for a Cuban visa?

The visa application ought to be finished and submitted at the Cuban office at the candidate’s nation of inception. When the candidate clears the meeting, at that point the visa will be prepared and given to that individual.

Getting a visa for Cuba does not infer that the candidate can enter Cuba, but rather makes him/her qualified to ask for authorization to enter Cuba. Documenting the visa application in person is one of the accessible choices for submitting. The other choice is applying on the web.

Applying online

For the online use of Cuban visa, the DS-160 structures ought to be utilized (for non-migrant visas) and DS-260 shape (for worker visas). It is utilized to gather all the essential data from the candidate. The online application ought to be submitted to Cuba Department of State site.

Submitting it online is the initial phase in Cuba visa application process. Subsequent to recording the candidate should contact the closest Cuba office to affirm whether they require an individual meeting.

Shape DS-160

This is just for candidates who are entering Cuba on a brief premise. Candidates needing a K-visa can’t utilize this shape yet go in for DS-156.

The DS-160 can be gotten to by visiting the Consular Electronic Application Center site. For effective accommodation of visa application, you should Complete the application, Take a print out of the DS-160 standardized tag page – not important to take a full printout of the application, Contact the closest Cuba consulate to get further directions, Schedule an arrangement for an individual meeting and Pay in Cuba visa application preparing charge.

Candidates ought to have their archives for evidence prepared while documenting on the web. International ID, travel schedule, continue, rundown of past five excursions to Cuba (if material) and different archives relying on the visa classification ought to be accessible while e-documenting the application. Every one of the subtleties ought to be filled just in English.

Candidates should electronically sign their frame, coming up short which will prompt the end of the application. Candidates who are underneath 16 yrs of age, ignorant people or physically hindered can motivate a third individual to finish their Cuba visa applications.

Utilizing this, the candidate’s visa application will be created by the Cuba Embassy. Without the affirmation page, the visa won’t be prepared.

Frame DS-260

At the point when a visa request of is affirmed in Cuba and the equivalent is being handled by the National Visa Center (NVC) at that point, this shape can be utilized. Likewise, those recording in I-130, I-140, I-360 or I-526 can utilize this choice.

Points of interest in applying online

It isn’t fundamental to finish all the Cuba visas applications at a stretch. The structures can be in part finished and set aside to that. Candidates can get to this again and complete the application. In addition, they can do as such at their own helpful time from their habitation itself.

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