How To Find A Game That You Forgot The Name Of?

You’ve probably been in this situation a thousand times. Knowing how a game from your past looked like, but having no idea what is it called. Luckily, there are a few ways to help you find it without spending days after days to checklists of games until you find something that sounds familiar. So many games exist out there that this task may seem impossible. Worry not. This short guide will teach you how to find a game that you forgot the name of in just a few minutes.


  1. Search methods
  2. Game discussion forums
  3. Online game databases

How To Find A Game That You Forgot The Name Of

Here’s what you should do:

Search methods

The first method you will use in order to find a game without knowing much about it refers to is represented by using all existent search methods. Start with game-related wikis, that will instantly recognize a name of a character you remember, a part of the plot you might now or some other details related to the game that might be included in the information provided by wikis.

Finding old PC games is easier, as they are described in detail on most wikis.

How To Find A Game That You Forgot The Name Of

You can also use the advanced functions of search engines. Looking for an entire sentence or a series of relevant keywords that may lead to the game is often successful. If you own an image of a character present in the game or of the actual gameplay, you can use the Google Image reverse search function, that lets you upload a photo and find results based on it.

Game discussion forums

Method number two is represented by game discussion forums. Gaming forums are active at all times and starting a thread is not difficult. You just have to create an account on the forum and thoroughly describe the game you are looking for in your post. Make sure that no other user posted a similar thread before and reads the terms and conditions before publishing. By properly formulating your post, you may find the game faster than you think.

How To Find A Game That You Forgot The Name Of

Choose the right forum category in order to reach the correct audience. Try to give your thread a very suggestive title. You may find games that are similar to the one you are searching for, and your chances to find it will visibly increase. Return to your favorite search engine and look for the game that resembles the one you look for.

The lost game might suddenly pop up in recommendations.

Online game databases

Finally, if all methods failed, you can search your game in online databases. This might be the most time-consuming option of them all, as you will have to search through thousands of game names until you find the one that you’ve been searching for. Databases are usually sectioned into explicit categories, for different gaming platforms. By applying the right criteria for your search, you might get a step closer to your game. It is helpful if you search for the game based on the year you played it first. There are not many games that launch in a certain year, so you can considerably reduce the list of results.

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