How to Apply for Youth Allowance? – Criteria you must meet

Youth allowance is usually finances that are set out for young people who require financial aid especially if they are students or those in the process of looking for a job.

To acquire this money, you must meet certain criteria and also know how to apply for youth allowance.

How to Apply for Youth Allowance

They include the following.

Conditions necessary for one to acquire Youth Allowance.

  • A person who is of the age of 16 to 24 years and is a full-time student.
  • A person who is aged between sixteen to twenty-one years and is searching for a full-time job or combining part-time study with searching for employment.
  • Apprentice or a full-time student who is over the age of 25 who has been accorded youth financial support but turned over twenty-five years and still studying their programs or apprenticeship.
  • A full-time student who is of the age of 22- 24 who is temporarily under a full-time program of study.

What you should probably know is that some factors may affect the amount you receive. Your income and that of your parents will come to count and will more than likely influence the amount you will come to receive.

If for example one is receiving an independent rate the income of your partner will come into account.

One may be taken as an independent person and could receive a higher amount of youth allowance if they have attained the age of 22 and above.

There is a possibility of receiving the independent rate for persons aged between 15 and 21 if:

  • They are orphans, homeless or a refugee.
  • If your guardians or parents are unable to accord you support or provide you a home.
  • There is a child depending on you.
  • You are living with your partner for around one year, or you are married.
  • If there is a review, give of you being able to have a partial capacity to work.
  • If it shows in the record that you have been supporting yourself through working.

In case you are ailing and are unable to work on your own or even study or search for employment you may be in a position to receive the youth allowance. You will also be able to receive a medical certificate.

If you are also below the age of 22 and have just left school before completing your twelfth year and maybe you do not plan on doing any further studies or training you may be eligible for payment.

If you do not meet this criterion, then you may rely on the support of your parents if you cannot find work or you are not enrolled in any sort of training or studies.

If you are unable to stay at home or school or be in a suitable training or studying program, you may contact a social worker in your area, and they may be able to assist you on the way forward.

There are some extra payments that may be availed to you if you start a study or training program and you are going to be away from home for a long period.

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