How Many US Presidents Have Been Impeached?

Common citizens are not well aware of the word impeachment. It looks difficult but its meaning is much simple. This word basically means the action of any person to call in the form of a question. Impeachment is basically a complete process by which the legislative body persists charges to remove a high authoritative person of an office to dissect him or her.


  1. Basics of impeachment
  2. Presidents who have been impeached

Basics of impeachment

How Many Presidents Have Been Impeached

The President of the USA is the most powerful man on the earth and carries great responsibilities. The sense of accountability of this post is also great and the President shall be vigilant about his duties and rule of law. The oath of the president lists many responsibilities entrusted to the President.

Misconduct, failing to abide by the law and being irresponsible in actions is penalized. By the virtue of law and constitution, the House of Representatives has the right to impeach the President. Impeachment basically refers to the charges being filed against the President of the United States of America. A simple majority is required to press the charges against the President so impeachment can take place.

How Many US Presidents Have Been Impeached

When the charges have been filed against the President for misconduct, the Senate holds the authority to try the cases of impeachment like the courts. For the conviction to hold not only majority is required but two third of senators must vote for conviction of President. The President who is under impeachment and found guilty can never hold a government position again and is removed from office immediately.

Presidents who have been impeached:

We never know which president can be impeached and at what time. In the history of USA two presidents have been impeached.

  1. Andrew Johnson is the first president of the USA who was impeached in February 1868 by the votes of the house. He dumped his secretary war due to which he was disseated from the president’s seat.
  2. Bill Clinton was 42nd President of the USA who was impeached on December 1998. He was the one who misleads the grand jury about telling his extramarital affair with a girl named as Lewinsky who used to live in White House. Along with this he also asked other to tell a lie about it.

Since Donald Trump has assumed the office, there has been constant talk of impeachment. His conduct before elections and his policies have been questionable with many terming him as unfit for the role of President. Let it be paying off the pornstars from election funds to his way of running the government, Donald Trump makes it to the news for the wrong reasons.
How Many Presidents Have Been Impeached

Many are eying for December for the impeachment of President Donal Trump. The President has been trying to create a wave of fear that what the impeachment might bring to the United States of America.

Nowadays we see impeachment is not that much common because of it a very dull and muted sort of act in the politics of America. There should be enough proof to impeach a president and all members of the House must agree with one another.

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