How Many Standard Drinks to Get Drunk? – Quick Answer

So, you are here to know how many standard drinks to get drunk. Many things will decide the amount. You can consider different factors such as the size, fat contents, adaption, and a few other things to know how much drink you can consume to get drunk.

You will have to consider the frequency of your consumption as well.

In addition, you will have to understand your state rules. Different areas have a specific definition of legal intoxication and you need to follow it.

How Many Standard Drinks to Get Drunk

The better you understand different factors, the easier it will be to determine the right quantity.

To help you out, followings are some variables to know how much it takes to get drunk.


  1. Size of the drink
  2. Size of the person
  3. Genes
  4. Adaption
  5. Other factors

Size of the drink

If you are living in the United States, then the standard size will be 6 ounces. There are different beverages with a specific percentage of alcohol. Therefore, the type of drink will also play a role.

The type will decide how quickly you will be drunk. Here is the thumb rule. 6 ounces of alcohol equates with 1 full glass of wine, 1 12.ounce bottle of beer, and 1 shot of hard liquor.

Each drink will create a blood alcohol content level of around .025. If you will drink three such drinks, you will get the drunkenness according to your legal definition.

How Many Standard Drinks to Get Drunk

Size of the person

Like the size of drinks, the size of the person will also matter. The individual mass will have an effect on the equation. If you have more body mass or you are a bigger person, you need to drink more to get drunk.

Every twenty pounds of the human body will reduce the blood alcohol level by .01 with every drink. The data will vary for women. The women with high content body fat and smaller mass tend to be drunk with less alcohol in comparison to men.

How Many Standard Drinks to Get Drunk


Your genes create your liver enzymes. When some genes make fast enzymes, others make it slow. If it creates fast enzymes, then you will break down the drink quickly. As the result, you will need more alcohol to get drunk.

With slow enzymes, the livers will be overworked. At this condition, the alcohol will spread fast and it will make drunk with less consumption.


You cannot ignore adaption. When you drink more frequently and your body is used to a large amount, you will not get drunk with a less. Adaption develops your tolerance ability. Therefore, you will need more alcohol to get inebriated.

Other factors

It takes one hour for your body to process one drink. You can say that your body takes longer to get rid of alcohol influence. If you are eating and drinking at the same time, then it will slow down the absorption.

However, if you drink water, it will not slow down the inebriation. In fact, it will keep your body hydrated.

Many external and internal factors such as gender, size of drink and person, frequency, hunger, and genes can have a role to decide how much drink you need to get drunk.

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