How Long Does It Take To Get A Visa For Brazil?

The visa policy differs from one country to another, thus it’s advisable to research on the visa policy of the country you are looking to spend your vacation.

For it will be frustrating to only find out that you don’t meet the requirements since you luck some documents at the last minute.

For those looking to visit Brazil from any of the following countries, that are Australians, Japanese, Canadians and those from the US, here is good news, the Brazil government offers e-visa for the mentioned countries.

This means one is not required to visit their respective diplomatic mission to get a visa.

As per the moment, the mentioned countries are the only, that receive this kind of service. But with time the number of countries will add to this list.

Time will tell.




Those applying for an e-visa through the email, but this is after filling the application forms provided on their website. The if the fields are filled accordingly, then payment then is made by a credit card, then one can receive their e-visa in about 10 business days, all this can be done from any place, be it home or office.


Due to people having different needs when it comes to traveling, the Brazilian government created a very excellent system that provides three options catering to these needs that really meet everyone’s time and their budget.

The options that are provided under e-visa include:

1. The standard processing time.: (10 business days option)

This option can cost 35 USD, for the other countries the cost is equivalent depending on the country of origin). The process will take up to ten days, that is how long one has to wait to receive the visa. Compared to the embassy, it’s a very short time to wait. The option helps in planning in advance. But it is saver to apply more than ten days before the departure time.

2. The rush processing time: (8 business days option)

Due to fewer days wait time in this option, the cost is a bit higher compared to the 10-day wait option. For this option one has to pay 65 USD, the cost is high but the days are minimal. This also should be done more than 8 days before the departure time this is to counter any delays that may occur during the processing period.

3. The super rush processing: (6 business days option)

For those looking to have their visa as soon as possible, then this is the option for them for it takes 6 days only. This is like an emergency e-visa option. it’s illogical to wait for 8 – 10 days to attend to an emergency, thus the creation of these options. The super rush processing option will cost one up to 100 USD. The cost is reasonable considering the wait time.

The creation of these options has made it possible for many looking to visit Brazil a reality, this is due to its reasonable options and cost-effectiveness. For its hard to get a visa in a very short time in any country, making this the best option for those able to access the options.


Its amazing for one when a given country relaxes the requirements for their visas, making them easy to access. For those looking to visit Brazil its good news for e-visa will simplify your visa application. This will save your time thus reducing stress.

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