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Having trouble with your computer, or do you need to buy a new one? Computer King Knoxville is the right place for you.


  1. Repair Service
  2. System building
  3. Computer and printers sale
  4. Sale of computer-related items

We are experts in all thing related to computers and are capable of repairing every issue that your computer has. But that’s not all we can do!

Here are our skills.

Repair Service

If you run into a problem while using your computer, you can trust our team of experts to repair it. Our repair service includes a diagnostic of the problem (or problems) that cause malfunctioning in your computer, whether they are coming from software (the operative system) or hardware (like computer parts heating too much or not working at all).

Computer King Knoxville

After the problem is diagnosed, we start working on repairing it, so you can have your computer back as soon as possible. We replace the necessary parts for it to function correctly, or format and re-install the operating system so it doesn’t stop when you’re running it.

If we need to format the computer, don’t worry about the files you have saved there – we will save them and add them to where they belong after the repair is completed.

But we don’t just repair computers. Our shop is able to fix issues with printers and other individual parts of computers, like screens. So, if you have an issue with anything computer related don’t hesitate and come to us.

System building

Sometimes, you may feel like the pre-built computer system simply won’t make the cut and provide you with everything you need. If that is the case with you, just know that we are capable of making custom-built systems that attend your every need.

Computer King Knoxville

We will do an assessment on what are the things that are important for you, and from there we will determine what the better system option for your case is and start working on it, so you can start enjoying your new system in no time.

We guarantee a professional result, tailored to your needs, built in a short period of time and very affordable.

Computer and printers sale

In our shop, we offer you a great variety of computers and printers, from different brands, with top-quality features. Having trouble deciding which one you should get? Just ask us and we will gladly answer you! We can compare all the features different models have, so you can make an informed decision and choose the model that best suits your needs.

We can also do the same for printers, by comparing different models and its specifications. That way, you will be capable of deciding on a model that will work well with the software you already have, and that can help you save a few bucks on ink.

All the products we sell have original guarantees, so if there is any problem, you can always come to us and we’ll help you deal with it!

Sale of computer-related items

To help you get everything you need from your computer, we also sell items related to it, like computer mice, headphones and screens. Just tell us what you need and we will help you choose the product that is right for you and for the specifications of the computer you already have!

We can say that, when talking about everything computer related, we can talk about Computer King Knoxville!

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