Brazil visa for US citizens – Simple steps

The Brazilian government offers an option for US citizens to apply for their visa online. This can be applied from the comfort of the home. Its easy fast and effective for all. All one is required to do is fill the online forms and then wait for the visa on in their e-mail.

Required documents for online application

For one to complete this application one has to have the following documents.

  1. A passport that is valid
  2. A digital copy of the passport
  3. One passport photo The photo must be against a white background with the shoulders and head centered, no reflections, glares or shadows, no frowns or smiles.
  4. An e-mail address that is valid. One should ensure the e-mail provided is correct.

After the provision of the said document one will have to make payment through their credit card, PayPal account or their debit account.

The e-visa is done online that should take 30 or fewer minutes to complete. The application is done in three simple steps.

  • First step: filling the online application forms
  • Second step: go through the information provided then make the payment.
  • Third step: attach the required documents then submit.

The Brazil e-visa department has 24/7 support services. The e-visa application will cost 44.50 USD, but the total price will depend on the time one selects during the filling of the application. This is because the e-visa system provides three options when one is applying.

The options are as listed below.

1. The Standard option of processing time

This the option that takes 10 business days and is the cheapest option that will cost one about 80 USD.

2. The rush option of processing time

This option takes roughly 6 business days and costs up to 110 USD.

3. The super rush option of processing.

The option takes 4 business days and the cost is about 145 USD.

The Brazilian government offer the option of e-visa to only tourists but not to those looking to visit for business. It is prohibited for those looking to visit for business.

For any other business to Brazil, one has to visit the diplomatic mission for the application of the visa.

The visa offered at the mission include student visa, work visa or business.

For parents traveling with minors, they are subjected to providing additional documents for the application of their visa.

These documents include:

  • The passport page copy
  • An authorized letter that is signed by both parents.
  • The photos of both parents.

For single parents traveling with children must upload an authorization form the other partner, a legal custody documents for sole custodians and a death certificate if the other partner is deceased.

The applicants for the e-visa will receive their visa through their e-mail. But if one is denied the visa, they can apply again only that they will visit the embassy.

One can apply for an extension of their e-visa with the federal police, but this must be done before their current visa expires.

For those who don’t trust the security of the e-visa system, there are thousands of trusted testimonies. Its fast, effective above all a safe process.

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