Australian Visa for US Citizens – Electronic Visa

Australia is one of the most attractive countries for tourists. It is a huge country that will accommodate all of your interests, from cities to nature, to beaches, and nightlife.

Citizens of the united states are often enthusiastic about exploring and learning more about other cultures. Australia would be a great destination for them, but is there an Australian visa for US citizens?

Well, citizens of the united states have not required a visa to enter the Australian lands, yet they are required to obtain an electronic travel authorization. There are issued easily and should require a long application process.


  1. What are the requirements for the Electronic Travel Authorization?
  2. Where do you apply?
  3. How long can you stay in Australia?
  4. Things to keep in mind

What are the requirements for the Electronic Travel Authorization?

American citizens who are applying to the Electronic Travel Authorization should hold an American passport that is valid for the coming 6 months.

The Australian authorities, however, might require the applicant to undergo some additional medical tests or examinations, and/or proof of financing the trip. You will also be asked to provide your original copy of your birth certificate.

Sometimes, they also ask to furnish a police background check of the applicant in order to make sure they are clear and will not impose any threat during their stay in Australia.

Tourist and business-related visas are free of charge in general, yet issuing an electronic visa will cost 20 Australian dollars. The applicant might be asked to pay extra fees if he/she is requesting a special long-term visa.

Where do you apply?

Thanks to bureaucracy, obtaining or applying to an Australian visa in person is a very long and exhausting process. Therefore, the Australian department of immigration allows you to apply through their website. It is a much easier and less time-consuming process.

The process of obtaining the Electronic Travel Authorization online will not take more than 15 minutes.

How long can you stay in Australia?

The Electronic Travel Authorization gives its holder multiple valid entries for a whole year. The longest time for an American to stay in Australia is 90 days. However, they are allowed to go and come back from and to the country.

Things to keep in mind

Do not apply for Electronic Travel Authorization if you know that you will have to stay for longer than 90 days. If you going for a work-related matter, you will need to issue a business visa.

If you going on a student exchange program or studying, you will also be required to issue a student visa rather than the Electronic Travel Authorization.

An Electronic Travel Authorization will not allow you to work in Australia during your stay, some people prefer to work during their long vacations, getting a work visa will allow you to leverage work opportunities.

If you decide to stay longer while you are in Australia, you can do that by visiting the Australian department of immigration to ask and inquire about the steps of extending your stay and perhaps applying to a different type of visa.

If you have any special requests or questions you can refer to any travel agent, they should be able to help you.

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