Australian Visa for Slovenian Citizens – Here’s What You Need to Know

Are you a resident of Slovenia who is planning to visit Australia? Well, whether you are planning an upcoming holiday vacation on the exotic beaches of Australia or you’re travelling there for any traveling cause, you need to hold a valid Australian Visa.

Rest assured that Australian visa legislation & visa application process is quite complex. Thus, you should possess a solid understanding about the visa requirements before you initiate/apply for the process.

So, what the requirements of Australian visa for Slovenian citizens? If you are looking for a detailed answer to this question, then do not worry anymore! Please keep reading and know more about the topic in the following sections.

Australian Visa for Slovenian Citizens

Types of Australian Visa for Slovenian Citizens

Kindly note, Australian government currently allows four types of Visas for the Slovenian citizens, such as Travel Visas, Family Visas, Work Visas, and Student Visas. For your reference, comprehensive details on each of these visas are described below.

I) Australian Travel Visas for Slovenian Citizens

If you are planning to visit Australia for a short-term vacation, then you will fit into this visa category. Needless to mention, Australia is the home to beautiful landscapes, exotic beaches, monuments, and much more too.

So, if you are excited to visit this country as an avid traveller in order to enjoy its splendid beauty, then you are recommended to apply for a Australian Travel Visa. Kindly note, before applying for a Australian travel visa for the citizens of Slovenia, you will need to be a valid passport holder.

Note, you can either apply for a EVV (Electronic Visitor Visa) or Visitor Visa before your visit to Australia. The application process is extremely quick, efficient, and hassle-free.

For instance, your EVV can be processed within twenty four hours which costs $39 USD per applicant. Note, this visa will be valid for up to 12 months. Within that period, you can visit Australia for multiple times with a restriction of up to three months of stay per visit.

II) Australian Family Visas for Slovenian Citizens

If your spouse, partner, parent, or any close family member is a native Australian resident or permanent Australian citizen, then you can apply for this type of visa in order to reunite with your family.

Respective categories for Australian family visas for Slovenian citizens include Partner visa, Prospective marriage visa, Aged parent visa, and Parent visa.

III) Australian Work Visas for Slovenian Citizens

Under Australian work visas, there will be two categories, such as employer sponsored category and skilled category. If you are a skiller worker who wants to migrate to Australia for better career progression and opportunities, then you should apply for this type of visa.

Kindly note, your eligibility for an Australian work visa will be assessed based on your work history and qualification. In case of employer sponsored category, your employer will be applying for a work visa to the honorary Australian government on behalf of you.

Please be noted that your age should be between 18 – 45 years in order to be eligible for this type of Australian visa.

IV) Australian Student Visas for Slovenian Citizens

If you are a Slovenian student who wants to study in Australia, then you should apply for this visa. With a valid Australian Student Visa, you can enroll yourself into any secondary, tertiary, primary, vocational, non-award, and postgraduate courses.

What’s more, if you have a guardian whom you want to be allowed to stay in Australia, then you’re required to apply for a Student Guardian Visa for that person.

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