Australian visa for Finnish citizens

Australian visa for Finnish citizens is one of the mandatory documents that they require for them to enter

Australia. Any Finnish citizen who wishes to get one must apply for it through the Australian embassy portal.

Once you have submitted an Australian visa application, your major work is almost done, if you have applied accurately.

Yet, you will need to track your Australian visa application status.

Australian visa for Finnish citizens

This is a step that you can breeze through because this is the last step for your Australian Visa. So, what you do after you have submitted your application with all the necessary documents?

You must collect a note of acceptance. This is not a part of the tracking process. Yet, it is a confirmation that you have submitted all the needed documents. You have completed all the procedures.

You have made the payment. In other words, the submission process is not over till you collect the note of acceptance.

Now, you will be tracking your Australian visa application status.


  1. How to get your Australian Visa
  2. 3 ways to track your Australian visa

How to get your Australian Visa

  • Visit the website of the Australian visa agency.
  • Send a representative with an authorization letter, acceptance note and original copy of their Photo ID to collect it.
  • Receive a visa through e-mail.

In case there is an issue with your Australian visa, the authorities will inform you in time and advise you on the way forward. As a Finnish citizen, you must track your visa so that you can tour this amazing country.

3 ways to track your Australian visa

Visit the website: The international organization, you apply through, has a website link for you, where your details are consistently updated. You can track your Australian visa application status online. You must enter your reference number like a bar code along with the birth date.

This is the most common and well-accepted procedure. Then, you will be able to follow the ongoing progress. Isn’t it much more convenient and faster way than making calls to your visa agent?

Check your email or SMS: If you have entered your email ID and phone number details into the Australian visa application, then status updates could be sent through your email account. So, firstly, ensure that Email ID you share is secure, confidential and easy to access.

Then, watch out for the update.

Contact your visa processing service or agency: This has the old world ring to it. But, until recently, that was the most efficient way to track your visa application to Australia. Sure, with the advent of technology, it has faded its relevance.

But, you can still use it as most visa agencies maintain multiple contact channels open.

So, you can:

  • Call the helpline
  • Email the agency for application status
  • Visit their office

Regardless of the method you choose, it is a much more efficient way to check the status rather than visit the Embassy. Once you discover that your Australian visa processing is complete, you can receive your passport from the Embassy through three different channels.

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