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People are traveling day in day out because of various reasons such as education, leisure, business or administrative purposes. Any person wishing to travel requires two very important and compulsory documents so as to be allowed to make a travel to another country.

A passport is issued by the sending country and a visa is issued by the receiving country. Visa indicate the reason for traveling and the duration of stay in the new destination (state).

A lot of traveling has been experienced from Bulgaria to Australia over the past decades. These two nation-states co-operate in many areas. The bilateral relations can be traced back in 1972.

Australian Visa for Bulgarian Citizens

The relations was officially accredited by the establishment of the Bulgarian embassy in Australia a place called Canberra.


  1. Reasons Why Many Bulgarian Citizens Apply for Visas in Australia
  2. Reasons That Have Strained the Issuance of Australian Visas to Bulgarian Citizens

Reasons Why Many Bulgarian Citizens Apply for Visas in Australia

Bulgarian citizens have been receiving a warm welcome by Australia because of the cordial relationship that has been there in many centuries down the line.

A large number of people from Bulgaria have been traveling to Australia because of the following reasons:

  1. Businesses and Investments – this is one of the main reasons that can be used to explain the reason behind the application of Visas by Bulgarian citizens. Australia has got good business opportunities which attract Bulgarians.
  2. Education – everybody wishes to get a quality education. Australia is ranked as one of the countries with the good education system and quality as well hence attracting many people especially the young in Bulgaria to apply for visas so as to access institutions of higher learning with quality education.
  3. Security purposes – insecurity in Bulgaria can be explained as one of the causes of migration and that is why some people from Bulgaria apply for visas (when there are disputes) to seek refuge in Australia.
  4. Search for Job opportunities – many people from Bulgaria today are applying for visas to go to Australia to look for good and better paying job opportunities to support their daily living.

Reasons That Have Strained the Issuance of Australian Visas to Bulgarian Citizens

The issuance of visas has greatly reduced because of many emerging issues between the two countries. There are various reasons which are negative in nature that has caused the two states to develop strict rules and regulations or requirements regarding the migration of people between them and the application of visas as well.

They include:

  1. Terrorism- this is a major security threat in the 21st century. Terrorists are hiding and traveling in the name of businesses and education. States cannot be able to act in isolation in countering terrorism because it is expensive to handle alone hence the need for co-operation.
  2. The proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction-WMDs is also a security threat in the contemporary world and therefore these states are coming together to eradicate these weapons so as to reduce destruction caused by them.
  3. Illegal migration of people- people are constantly moving from one country to another illegal-without legal documents and permission. This has increased insecurity cases in many states since others hide because they are terrorists and therefore states are compelled to co-operate to end this illegal movement of people by reducing and putting a lot of requirements in the application of Australian visa for Bulgarian citizens.
  4. International drug trafficking- a good number of young people have been caught up in this illegal business of drug trafficking. These drugs are very dangerous to their health and it affects a wide population in a state hence making states to co-operate to end this business through reducing visa issuance to Bulgarian citizens.

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