Argentina visa for US citizens – How to apply

Argentina is one of the famous countries in South America among Americans for various reasons such as education, business, and tourism. Before you travel to Argentina there are so many visa requirements that you meet, some of them are:

Requirements for Argentina visa for US citizens

Before you apply for an Argentina visa there are some documents that you must have, some of them are:

  • Sufficient amount of money in your bank which will be able to sustain you during the period that you will be Argentina.
  • Hold of valid passport whose validity must be at least 6 months(must have at least one blank page where it will be signed before you travel
  • Certificate of good conduct showing that you do not have any criminal record.
  • Health insurance coverage and report which shows that you are healthy.

How to apply for Argentina visa for US citizens

Before you apply for a visa you must check the Argentina embassy for any updates concerning news and updates about office hours, visa issuance and any other travel concerns.

This will offer you prior information of all the documents that you need and at what time you can contact them.

  • You have to log into the Argentinian embassy website. You can look at the kind of visa which suits you. Once you have selected, you can click through so that you can fill the application form.
  • Make sure you fill in all the required details in the correct manner. Remember to attach any documents which you are required.
  • After you are through with filling the details make sure you proofread through the entire form to be certain that all your details are correct.
  • In the end, you will be required to pay for the visa application fees through the means which may be provided such as a credit card.
  • After paying, you can then submit your application and wait for about 5 business working days for you to receive your visa.
  • If you made any minor errors, the visa issuing agency may send you an email requesting the details that you must correct.

As you apply online for Argentina visa for US citizens, you MUST offer valid details, since if you are caught forging any other personal details you can be jailed. Argentina government does not condone any kind of forgery.

In case you are stuck, while you are applying for your visa, you can always contact the visa issuing agency through the emails address provided or chat with them on the website.

These ways you will be able to apply for your visa without committing any errors.

You can also truck your visa online, in case you experience any delays. The staff will be willing to answer all questions regarding why your visa has not to be processed.

If you follow the above guide, you will never have any challenge when it comes to applying for Argentina visa for US citizens. So many US citizens have tried these methods and they have been successful in their application why, not you.

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