Argentina Reciprocity Fee for US Citizens – You need to know

Are you planning to go to Argentina for business or tourism? There are several things you need to know before going to Argentina, especially about its bureaucracy. Have you heard about Argentina reciprocity fee? Here is the more information you need to keep in mind about this idea.

It is essential to know so you can conveniently travel and do business in Argentina. Tourist simply pays it by using application, no longer served at the airport.


  1. What Is the Reciprocity Fee?
  2. Argentina Reciprocity Fee for Us Citizens Was Suspended Temporarily
  3. Argentina Reciprocity Fee Origin
  4. Argentina Reciprocity Fees, It Helps the Country Grows

What Is the Reciprocity Fee?

The reciprocity fee is a visa issuance fee you must pay to the country. This is a kind of addition to every nonimmigrant visa application fee, also known as MRV fee. The amount of fee will be different for each country.

United State citizens must pay reciprocity fee for $160, Australian must pay $100, and Canadian must pay $92. The fee is usually valid for 1 year.

Argentina Reciprocity Fee for Us Citizens Was Suspended Temporarily

It was reported that Argentina reciprocity fee for US citizens was legally suspended. The government of Argentina suspended reciprocity fee for US citizens in order to improve the number of visitors and tourists from the United States. This is a great step when there are many barriers to going travel abroad including visa.

Argentina has many excellent places to visit from breathtaking mountain view until a warm embrace in a beautiful beach. This is a very good opportunity for every US citizen to come to Argentina without paying $160 as Argentina reciprocity fee.

Argentina reciprocity fee for US citizens was charged since 2008 for $160 when they enter Argentina. People come in the form of visa and fees, but today it is no longer applied. So, do US citizens need a visa to visit Argentina?

As many as 80 countries can visit Argentina without a visa and stay in that country even until 90 days. United State citizens need to have a valid passport which is still valid until 6 months after arrivals.

For the private citizens, they do not need any visa for tourism or business need even up to 90 days. Meanwhile, visas prior are for diplomatic or official passport holders.

Argentina Reciprocity Fee Origin

Argentina reciprocity fee for US citizens was firstly established in 2008. This is used as a counterbalance to fees for Argentine citizens established by other countries, including the United States.

There is a certain reason, specific historical events, why reciprocity fee became a necessity for Argentina.

Argentina suffered economic depression from around 1998 to 2002 which also happened to much of South America countries. Poverty and political instability widely spread which also led to mass emigration which happened more and more back then.

In 2002, in the middle of the country’s depression, Argentina was removed from the visa waiver program. United States government also added fees for their citizens that want to visit united states.

This was purposed to reduce argentine entering united states and threatening security in us. In 2001, terrorist attacked New York so this regulation was applied to reduce mass emigration.

Argentina Reciprocity Fees, It Helps the Country Grows

A short time later in 2002, economic depression in Argentina was ways better. During its recovery, the country established reciprocity fees just like what the US has established first. Canada and Australia are also countries which established reciprocity fees to enter their border.

The fee is very essential to counterbalance Argentina after the country lost its membership of Visa Waiver Program. Argentina, luckily, has many popular destinations from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, which attract a thousand tourists around the world to come enjoying the country.

It helps Argentina to grow up and recover very soon and become one of the country’s vital income.

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