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How to find a movie you can’t remember the name of?

One fine night, you settle into your couch all excited for the movie night you have been planning for days. You wanted to watch this movie for a long time, maybe a movie you watched years ago, or something that your friends kept nagging you to watch. But then what was the name of the movie? You Have it in the tip of your tongue and it drives you crazy that you can remember everything about the movie but the name.


  1. When you remember only the actor
  2. When you know the genre
  3. From the music
  4. From the awards
  5. From the theme

I am sure that this has happened to most of us and we end up raking our brains out to remember that one name of the movie. Sometimes there are instances where we remember everything about the movie but doesn’t know the name. But, we need the name to search for the movie. On another instance, we might just know the name of the actor, maybe only a minor character in it.

We might remember the movie by parts, sometimes a song, sometimes a scene or sometimes a two-liner from your friend who recommended it.

How to find a movie you can’t remember the name of

But every faint memory you have about the movie can be a clue in the cyber world.

Here are several tips on how to find a movie you can’t remember the name of!

1. When you remember only the actor

It is easy to find out the name of the movie if you remember the actor or actress in it. Google for the movies of the particular actor and Tada! You are more likely to find the movie from the list. If you can’t still place it. Go through the posters or images of the movies, I’m sure you will find the movie you can’t remember the name of.

How to find a movie you can’t remember the name of

2. When you know the genre

Another one method is searching the movies by the genre. If you were looking for a horror movie, search for horror movies and scroll the list down till you find what you want. It might come handy if you know the time of production.


3. From the music

Are you a music enthusiast and remember only the tracks of the song? Search for the particular song. The details are supposed to be furnished with the song. Or at least you might find the actor and back to step one. Search for the movies by the actor.

4. From the awards

You want to watch the movie that was nominated for the Oscars, but doesn’t know the name? Search the Oscar-nominated movies with the year. After all, everything is available at your fingertips these days.

5. From the theme

It is not impossible to find a movie that you can’t remember the name of, even if you know only the outline of the plot. Sometimes, you might have seen a random video of a particular scene from the movie and have no clue about when or where it came from. There are several sites which offer their movie-knowledge to the forgetful people like us. You just need to type in the scene of a particular movie and magic- these amazing websites will use all its intelligence to find you the name of the movie you forgot.

How to find a movie you can’t remember the name of

We all had a point of mind blankness when trying to narrate to someone about a movie you have watched. No matter how hard you try to remember its name, Other times, it could be a nostalgic movie from your childhood that you really feel like tracking down. You can’t remember it though some scenes, actors or even the plot could be sweeping through your mind. Well, I have a solution for you. Here are some hints on How To Find The Name Of A Movie You Can’t Remember.

  • Go to Internet movie database: Internet search engines allow you to type clues after which a list of films you could be talking about is generated. You could key in name of a character or a quote found in the movie. Thereafter you can go through the movies that appear to check whether one of them could be what you are looking for. Remember that this is possible only when you have a fact related to the movie you are trying to look up for.
  • Narrow down your search to the year of production: We know very well that movies are arranged in terms of time they were produced from the past to present. Therefore if you are in a cyber cafÈ or movie stores, look for the movie starting from the year you suspect it could have been released. While at it, look for copy Wright because it could be having the name of an actor or producer you are familiar with.
  • Try Google search: Google search the most unique plot point that you recall and a number of options will appear. Again you can type whatever you recall about the movie and from the search, names to compare will appear and that way you can get the title you are looking for.

Make use of artificially intelligent systems: These systems can analyze a basic description of any movie. Thereafter, they display a wide range of titles from which you can pick one that could be relating to the movie name you are looking for. The systems are also used to make recommendations based on specific aspects of the movies you like most.

A good example of such an artificial intelligence system is Val.ai system released by Valossa.

How to find a movie you can’t remember the name of

  • See if you can remember a song or lyric that was in the movie: Most movies are accompanied by a song that helps in blowing the viewer’s mind. The song also serves as a memory. If you recall it, search for a movie in which the song was used and that will become an easy track for your movie title.

It is quite minded beating to try to recall a movie name that we have completely forgotten. This becomes even harder when we are trying to narrate the movie to friends but feel quite embarrassed about not having full information. However, a few tips can help us get the movie name given that we have clues like the plot of the movie, year it was released, names of some actors, name of the producer or even a lyric that was used in the movie.

So, it is recollecting the name of the movie with whatever details you already have.

Good luck watching that movie!

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