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How To Get A Visa For Cuba? – Applying online

Any individual who needs to enter Cuba should initially get a visa. There are sure classes of individuals who are exempted from this prerequisite.

An individual planning to head out to Cuba ought to apply for a Cuban visa well ahead of time to maintain a strategic distance from any postponement in the preparing.


  1. Cuban visas sorts 
  2. How to apply for a Cuban visa?
  3. Applying online
  4. DS-160 Application
  5. DS-260 Application
  6. Points of interest in applying online

Cuban visas sorts

Cuban visas are of two fundamental sorts – foreigner and non-migrant visa. The first is for the individuals who need to move to Cuba and settle down there consistently.

The last is for individuals who come to Cuba on excursions for work, proficient meetings, therapeutic medicines, sports, delight trips and a lot progressively just for a brief time frame. Individuals should initially decide the motivation behind their visit and pick the most fitting visa.

How to apply for a Cuban visa?

The visa application ought to be finished and submitted at the Cuban office at the candidate’s nation of inception. When the candidate clears the meeting, at that point the visa will be prepared and given to that individual.

Getting a visa for Cuba does not infer that the candidate can enter Cuba, but rather makes him/her qualified to ask for authorization to enter Cuba. Documenting the visa application in person is one of the accessible choices for submitting. The other choice is applying on the web.

Applying online

For the online use of Cuban visa, the DS-160 structures ought to be utilized (for non-migrant visas) and DS-260 shape (for worker visas). It is utilized to gather all the essential data from the candidate. The online application ought to be submitted to Cuba Department of State site.

Submitting it online is the initial phase in Cuba visa application process. Subsequent to recording the candidate should contact the closest Cuba office to affirm whether they require an individual meeting.

Shape DS-160

This is just for candidates who are entering Cuba on a brief premise. Candidates needing a K-visa can’t utilize this shape yet go in for DS-156.

The DS-160 can be gotten to by visiting the Consular Electronic Application Center site. For effective accommodation of visa application, you should Complete the application, Take a print out of the DS-160 standardized tag page – not important to take a full printout of the application, Contact the closest Cuba consulate to get further directions, Schedule an arrangement for an individual meeting and Pay in Cuba visa application preparing charge.

Candidates ought to have their archives for evidence prepared while documenting on the web. International ID, travel schedule, continue, rundown of past five excursions to Cuba (if material) and different archives relying on the visa classification ought to be accessible while e-documenting the application. Every one of the subtleties ought to be filled just in English.

Candidates should electronically sign their frame, coming up short which will prompt the end of the application. Candidates who are underneath 16 yrs of age, ignorant people or physically hindered can motivate a third individual to finish their Cuba visa applications.

Utilizing this, the candidate’s visa application will be created by the Cuba Embassy. Without the affirmation page, the visa won’t be prepared.

Frame DS-260

At the point when a visa request of is affirmed in Cuba and the equivalent is being handled by the National Visa Center (NVC) at that point, this shape can be utilized. Likewise, those recording in I-130, I-140, I-360 or I-526 can utilize this choice.

Points of interest in applying online

It isn’t fundamental to finish all the Cuba visas applications at a stretch. The structures can be in part finished and set aside to that. Candidates can get to this again and complete the application. In addition, they can do as such at their own helpful time from their habitation itself.

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Turkey visa for US citizens – Requirements

An electronic visa just as the word sounds is a document which legal and officially acquired by an individual to allow him or her entry into another country.

Any US citizen willing to be permitted to enter and travel inside Turkey freely and comfortably will have to get one for him or herself in order to do so.

From the word electronic, this document is acquired through electronic means after the applicant has filled all the information required by him via the internet.


  1. Contents of a Turkish e-Visa
  2. The validity of e-Visa
  3. How to apply for the e-Visa
  4. Benefits and recommendations of the e-Visa

Contents of a Turkish e-Visa

A Turkish e-Visa has a number of components that any United States citizen will have to look at once they acquire them through a private provider.

The information contained in the e-Visa is usually written in two languages that are in Turkish language and the US language.

It also contains personal information of the visa holder such as full names, passport number, a photo of the applicant, marital status among many more.

Furthermore, the QR code and the identification number of the visa must be present. It should be noted that many visas look alike containing features that are the same.

The validity of e-Visa

A Turkish electronic visa is valid for 180 days which is equivalent to 6 months immediately after its application and acquisition.

Visitors from the united states will be granted frequent visits to and from turkey provided the 180 days have not yet elapsed.

However, electronic visa holders are only allowed into the country primarily because if two reasons. These are for tourism purposes and secondly for conducting business matters.

Further attempts like searching for employment are prohibited and if found legal actions will follow resulting from the user being burned from visiting Turkey again.

How to apply for the e-Visa

Citizens of the United States willing and admiring to visit Turkey either for adventure or business matters can visit any private service provider that is recognized other than the Turkish e-Visa website to apply or purchase one.

Apparently, the e-Visa website is one of the best private providers. Applicants need to fill their personal information and any relevant information that they may be required of them before receiving the document including paying the fee required for the processing to be completed.

Payment is also done online through entering any relevant payment method such a MasterCard number and so on.

Once the details are entered via the service providers websites, an interaction protocol is permitted between the embassy website and the provider’s website. If the application succeeds, a message containing a link is forwarded to the passport of the user and vice verse.

Therefore the service provider will print the document or refer the applicant to nearby e-Visa embassy if rejected.

Benefits and recommendations of the e-Visa

An e-Visa has a number of benefits for both the US citizen user and the Turkish state at large. Holders of the e-Visa will freely and comfortably travel to Turkey without going through any difficulties. The immigration department will also be in a good position in keeping track of the visitors, therefore, ensuring the security and there were about among many other benefits.

It’s advisable to carry with you a copy of your e-Visa document while traveling to avoid unnecessary milestones in case computer break down happens at the immigration department offices at the entry terminals.


How do birds get their colors?

The most captivating creature of nature is birds. Their colors of beauty make them an attracting site to behold. A lot of people do wonder how the birds come about their colors.

Some of the birds aren’t that colorful but we have some that look like it an artistic creation because of their beautiful contrasts and combinations.

How do birds get their colors


  1. How do they get their colors?
  2. Pigments
  3. Keratins

How do they get their colors?

We have a variety of colors on birds that we tend to know how did the colors come to pass. According to science and research, we now know that there are two factors which are very important that is responsible for giving the birds their different shades of colors.

These are the pigments and the keratin. The two factors that are names are defined in different ways in different types of birds which result in their final shade of color.

How do birds get their colors


This can be named as the color makers which you can find in plants and animals both. They would soak up some certain colors and they would make a reflection of the others. It’s the one that the pigments have reflected that catches the eyes of human beings.

The pigment can be grouped into four:

  • Melanin: this is usually formed as the tiny granules in the feather or skin of a bird. It manufactures colors such as a reddish brown, dark brown, pale yellow, rust or even black. The shade majorly depends on where the bird is and also where the melanin is concentrated on the bird. It doesn’t only give colors to the bird, it also gives the feathers strength too.
  • Carotenoids: this is majorly present in plants. Observation has been made from the researchers that when a bird eats this plants or its seed which contains carotenoids they do have orange, red, or even yellow shades. Birds that have melanin and carotenoids combined together in them usually have shades of color of green-something like olive green. So carotenoids have an important role in deciding the color of a bird.

Flamingos that are majorly pink do get their pink color from what they eat such as blue-green algae and also shrimps. The carotenoids would break down in the liver after that then a molecular form of it would be moved to their legs, skin, beaks and their feathers which would result into their pink shade.

  • Porphyrins: these are amino acids which are modified and they are essential. Its something that is very rare and they can be seen in limited species of birds. They manufacture colors like red, pink, green and also brown. This is what gave the African turacos the green and the red shades.
  • Psittacines: this is found in birds only such as parrots. It gives it the color of orange, red, and yellow colors.

A lot of color shades in birds are the result of the pigment mixtures. When you see a bird that has many shades is as a result of three or more pigments.

How do birds get their colors


Keratin is another way of how birds get their beautiful colors. This is a type of protein that makes the feathers of the birds get tough and helps in strengthening them. The protein also helps their legs, feet and the bills. Keratin does work in two different ways which are the scattering and the layering

  • Layering: in this process, a short wavelength of the colors such as green, purple and also blue would be reflected through a translucent layer of the keratin. The other colors would be sucked up by the layer that has melanin – that’s the black.
  • Scattering: this process is possible through the submicroscopic construction of the feathers of the bird. The central layer of the cells in the feather would be rounded by a cloudy layer. This process would make the light waves to get scattered. When the light waves have scattered it would interact in a way that is called constructive interference. If the light catches the eyes we would be seeing a blue color. An example of this is Indigo buntings and the Eastern bluebirds.


How to Minimize Child Support Payments? – Some of the ways

Did you know that most men who don’t pay their court-ordered child support are simply unable to do so because their income is too low? A study conducted in 2003 by the Urban Institute shows that most low-income people find the support orders too high and unsustainable.

Child support is paid by the non-custodial parent to the parent who lives and takes care of the children to ensure their standard of living remains as comfortable as possible.

How to Minimize Child Support Payments

Each state has a calculating formula that they use to set the amount one parent will be paying as child support monthly and it is usually based on net income and the child’s expenses.

The question on how to minimize child support payments, however, comes up when circumstances such as reduced income arise. Here is a look at some of the ways you can get those payments reduced.


  1. Talk to the Other Party
  2. File a Motion in Court
  3. Get Creative
  4. Get More Parenting Time

1. Talk to the Other Party

Maintaining a civil relationship with your former spouse for the sake of the kids is one of the basic rules of co-parenting. In such a situation, you can be able to talk with the other parent about any financial change that has occurred in your life since the original amount was set.

For example, if you have lost your job or your income has reduced, you can discuss a change in payments until the situation gets better.

2. File a Motion in Court

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to have a good relationship with an ex-spouse where you can understand each other. Since child support payments are originally set by a court, you should file a motion to your current payments in the same court.

A blank modification form will be provided by the court clerk or your lawyer can draft one as well. This motion will clearly state the reasons why you wish to reduce your payments and a copy will be sent to the custodial parent with a set date for the hearing.

With enough evidence presented before the judge during the hearing, he may decide to reduce your payment but that is always under his discretion.

3. Get Creative

Over and above what the children eat and wear, child support payments also include healthcare, education and childcare bills as well. One of the best ways to reduce the lump sum payment is to look at these clusters individually.

For example, you can cover your children in your healthcare insurance instead of paying for their healthcare from your pocket. It’s also possible to take them to more affordable schools and hire better child care if at all it’s needed.

4. Get More Parenting Time

Apart from the parents’ income, the court also looks at how much time each parent spends with their children when calculating the child support payments. This means that if you modify the amount of timeshare both of you spend with the kids, the payments will also change if the formula is used correctly.

However, this is also determined by your relationship with the other parent and if they can trust you to stay with the kids for a longer period of time.

If the process seems too hectic, a good family lawyer can advise you on how to minimize child support payments without losing your children or affecting your relationship with the co-parent.

Saving a couple of hundred bucks a month could mean having more time for you and the kids as well as being able to spoil them.


How Many Standard Drinks to Get Drunk? – Quick Answer

So, you are here to know how many standard drinks to get drunk. Many things will decide the amount. You can consider different factors such as the size, fat contents, adaption, and a few other things to know how much drink you can consume to get drunk.

You will have to consider the frequency of your consumption as well.

In addition, you will have to understand your state rules. Different areas have a specific definition of legal intoxication and you need to follow it.

How Many Standard Drinks to Get Drunk

The better you understand different factors, the easier it will be to determine the right quantity.

To help you out, followings are some variables to know how much it takes to get drunk.


  1. Size of the drink
  2. Size of the person
  3. Genes
  4. Adaption
  5. Other factors

Size of the drink

If you are living in the United States, then the standard size will be 6 ounces. There are different beverages with a specific percentage of alcohol. Therefore, the type of drink will also play a role.

The type will decide how quickly you will be drunk. Here is the thumb rule. 6 ounces of alcohol equates with 1 full glass of wine, 1 12.ounce bottle of beer, and 1 shot of hard liquor.

Each drink will create a blood alcohol content level of around .025. If you will drink three such drinks, you will get the drunkenness according to your legal definition.

How Many Standard Drinks to Get Drunk

Size of the person

Like the size of drinks, the size of the person will also matter. The individual mass will have an effect on the equation. If you have more body mass or you are a bigger person, you need to drink more to get drunk.

Every twenty pounds of the human body will reduce the blood alcohol level by .01 with every drink. The data will vary for women. The women with high content body fat and smaller mass tend to be drunk with less alcohol in comparison to men.

How Many Standard Drinks to Get Drunk


Your genes create your liver enzymes. When some genes make fast enzymes, others make it slow. If it creates fast enzymes, then you will break down the drink quickly. As the result, you will need more alcohol to get drunk.

With slow enzymes, the livers will be overworked. At this condition, the alcohol will spread fast and it will make drunk with less consumption.


You cannot ignore adaption. When you drink more frequently and your body is used to a large amount, you will not get drunk with a less. Adaption develops your tolerance ability. Therefore, you will need more alcohol to get inebriated.

Other factors

It takes one hour for your body to process one drink. You can say that your body takes longer to get rid of alcohol influence. If you are eating and drinking at the same time, then it will slow down the absorption.

However, if you drink water, it will not slow down the inebriation. In fact, it will keep your body hydrated.

Many external and internal factors such as gender, size of drink and person, frequency, hunger, and genes can have a role to decide how much drink you need to get drunk.


How to Apply for Youth Allowance? – Criteria you must meet

Youth allowance is usually finances that are set out for young people who require financial aid especially if they are students or those in the process of looking for a job.

To acquire this money, you must meet certain criteria and also know how to apply for youth allowance.

How to Apply for Youth Allowance

They include the following.

Conditions necessary for one to acquire Youth Allowance.

  • A person who is of the age of 16 to 24 years and is a full-time student.
  • A person who is aged between sixteen to twenty-one years and is searching for a full-time job or combining part-time study with searching for employment.
  • Apprentice or a full-time student who is over the age of 25 who has been accorded youth financial support but turned over twenty-five years and still studying their programs or apprenticeship.
  • A full-time student who is of the age of 22- 24 who is temporarily under a full-time program of study.

What you should probably know is that some factors may affect the amount you receive. Your income and that of your parents will come to count and will more than likely influence the amount you will come to receive.

If for example one is receiving an independent rate the income of your partner will come into account.

One may be taken as an independent person and could receive a higher amount of youth allowance if they have attained the age of 22 and above.

There is a possibility of receiving the independent rate for persons aged between 15 and 21 if:

  • They are orphans, homeless or a refugee.
  • If your guardians or parents are unable to accord you support or provide you a home.
  • There is a child depending on you.
  • You are living with your partner for around one year, or you are married.
  • If there is a review, give of you being able to have a partial capacity to work.
  • If it shows in the record that you have been supporting yourself through working.

In case you are ailing and are unable to work on your own or even study or search for employment you may be in a position to receive the youth allowance. You will also be able to receive a medical certificate.

If you are also below the age of 22 and have just left school before completing your twelfth year and maybe you do not plan on doing any further studies or training you may be eligible for payment.

If you do not meet this criterion, then you may rely on the support of your parents if you cannot find work or you are not enrolled in any sort of training or studies.

If you are unable to stay at home or school or be in a suitable training or studying program, you may contact a social worker in your area, and they may be able to assist you on the way forward.

There are some extra payments that may be availed to you if you start a study or training program and you are going to be away from home for a long period.


How To Toilet Train A Puppy? – Here is the solution

How do I toilet train a puppy? One of the most common questions that are asked frequently. Have you found that up to 20 percent of all developmental dysfunctions of the dog are related to defecation and urination in inappropriate places and times?

Here is the solution to all your problems.

How To Toilet Train A Puppy


  1. Cause of the elimination problems
  2. Medical Problems
  3. Separation anxiety
  4. Toilet training the puppy
  5. Cause of the elimination problems

If you are thinking about how to toilet train a puppy, there are certain difficulties that you should be aware of, which can make the procedure more difficult than it should be.

Similarly, in the case of a puppy that has been previously trained and is beginning to cause confusion, it is very important to examine which aspects may have caused this behavior and disrupted their training.

Medical Problems

Your puppy may not be able to find control due to medical issues. Cystitis, cognitive disorders, stones, gastroenteritis, diabetes, parasites, and Cushing’s disease are the main cause of the problem.

So if your puppy seems to be sick, ask a vet immediately. Some puppies may have the opposite problem and urinate as a sign of obedience. It can happen while it welcomes individuals. This is often a puppy-style, which can occasionally be given to adulthood.

How To Toilet Train A Puppy

Separation anxiety

If you see your puppy causing a mess when you are away from home. It can be a sign that it is lonely and anxious. It is not safe because it can not hold. This is especially true if you were not absent for a long time.

Other signs that you should discover are the way the puppy accompanies you in the house and how he walks when you go to bed or when he goes home.

How To Toilet Train A Puppy

Toilet training the puppy

1) Buy a puppy crate

The best way to toilet train a puppy is to buy a puppy crate. Your puppy now has an environment where he feels so safe that he can easily sleep there, as long as you carefully introduce the crate to it.

When letting your puppy out of the crate always direct it in the garden. If it squats just before you leave, try your best to stop it by saying NO with a low throaty voice and pointing it straight out.

2) Regular schedule

A probable routine is a necessity. If your puppy is performing a constant and accurate eating and exercise time, he can adjust to the times and regions he needs to eliminate. You should be determined and give your puppy enough time to cope with it.

If you suspend your one-day training method to take a break, you may be confused and delayed learning your puppy.

3) Possibilities

If you are house training a puppy, it is intolerable to just walk him once or twice a day. During the entire training process, you must take a walk at least five or more times a day until he realizes that he should prevent outdoor activities.

It’s only natural until he has the idea that he will piddle out there and it’s bladder gets stronger. So do not forget to keep an eye out and bring it out regularly.

Seeing how to train a puppy in the toilet, one has to believe that his puppy is not intentionally causing clutter in your home.

During training, your puppy trains systematically so that he understands that your household is in place and he should not get messed up.

Once this is recognized, training your puppy cannot be a problem.


How to Watch V8 Supercars Without Foxtel? – The Best Solution

Watching the v8 supercars is much fun. The most and well-known way of watching these cars is the use of Foxtel. In other cases, you might have the need to watch but Foxtel in unavailable or you simply do not want to use it.

There exist some other ways in which you can enjoy the beautiful v8 supercars games. You do not have to miss your best game in any season over anything. The alternative ways include Superviews or the own streaming services for these supercars.

The different ways are explained well below.

How to Watch V8 Supercars Without Foxtel


  1. Super view of v8 supercars
  2. Getting a VPN
  3. The advantage of using super view and VPN

Super view of v8 supercars

In super view, you can stream each and every race of the season. You only need to have a paid subscription to be able to stream. A pass for the full champion is available in super view and once you do the subscription, you have the advantage of watching the full season.

You do not have to worry when you miss a race. You can always have a replay upon demanding. At times you may want to review a previous race. This is available for you at any time you request.

You can use super view streaming on any device which provides you with the freedom to watch the races from any place. Be sure to get the latest news on the v8 supercars which will ensure that you are updated and you do not have to miss any race.

This is thus a very efficient way of how to watch v8 supercars without Foxtel.

Getting a VPN

This is indeed an alternative way of how to watch v8 supercars without Foxtel. You only need to connect to a server in order to be able to watch the car races in Australia. By getting the server, your device is equipped with that country’s IP address.

The communication data is encrypted. This means that you can stream on any race that you want without them knowing where you are from. You are, therefore, able to access all the services. With the VPN.

You can also be able to watch the New Zealand sky go streaming. This also allows you to catch up with races that might have passed without your knowledge or when you were busy. Without Foxtel, it means that you can still enjoy the v8 supercars races.

The advantage of using super view and VPN

You can always have a replay of the races. The race you want to go back to might have been so sweet that you want to enjoy it once more. You might also have been very busy to catch up with the actual time.

You are given the chance to enjoy at any time and from any device.

From the above text, it shows that there are different ways on how to watch v8 supercars without Foxtel. These ways are also as efficient and reliable as Foxtel. The only disadvantage is that they charge more to be able to view the races.

The two, however, have so many advantages that make them of more importance to anyone that wants to use them in watching the races. Choose one of them and you won’t get disappointed.


How to Search for a Word on a Website? – Full Answer

The vast amount of information availed to you on the internet when browsing about any topic will baffle your mind. That’s why search engines like Google are necessary to help us find the most ideal content on any topic, in a timely manner.

But once search engines take you to a certain website, you are likely to find that it has a lot of information too.


  1. What do you do when you need to search for a word on that website?
  2. How to search for a word on a website?
  3. How to search for a word on a website using the Find tool?
  4. Searching for a word on a website with Google
  5. Conclusion

How to Search for a Word on a Website

What do you do when you need to search for a word on that website?

Manually searching for a word on a website is just like looking for a needle in a haystack, a total waste of time. Luckily, various tools are available to help save your time and effort while searching for a word on a website.

If you want to search for a specific word on a website while browsing with Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox or any other browser, there is an easy way to go about it.

How to search for a word on a website?

Every browser worth its name comes with a Find tool which allows you to scan web pages for matching words. You can also search for a word on all pages of a website using Google’s advanced search operators.

It’s actually possible to locate a word anywhere on the internet using the Find tool in conjunction with Google’s advanced search operators.

How to search for a word on a website using the Find tool?

To search for a word on a website using the Find tool, press Ctrl + F for Windows or Command + F for Mac. The command opens a ‘Find’ box in almost every browser.

The ‘Find’ box can also be found on the settings menu in Chrome or Firefox and in the Edit menu of Internet Explorer.

In mobile browsers, this command is found in the browsers’ menu as ‘Find in Page’.

After opening the ‘Find’ box, type in the word you are searching for. The Find tool ignores letter case when finding the matching words as you type.

Using the Previous and Next buttons on the Find box, cycle through the matching words in your search results.

The pages jump through, highlighting the results.

And just like that, you will have the word you are searching for on any website.

Searching for a word on a website with Google

You can use Google to search for a word on any type of website; simple, large, or complex. Visit Google on your browser and type the address of the site you intend to search your word at the top of the search.

Enter the word you are searching for after the website’s address. Put the word in quotes for accurate results than search on Google to get the pages that match your request.

However, the word you are searching for will not be highlighted on these pages. You have to use the Find tool to identify where the word occurs on every page.


Websites contain endless text and searching for a certain word manually would mean endless scrolling.

And while the Ctrl + F won’t always give quick results for the word you’re searching for, when used together with Google’s advanced search operators, you are guaranteed to get relevant results.


Australian Visa for Canadian Citizens – Electronic Travel Visas

Anyone who travels to Australia that is not an Australian citizen requires a visa, including Canadian passport holders.

An Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) means you do not need a paper visa in your passport.

This article explains the impact on Canadian citizens, the requirements to obtain a visa, what some of the most relevant types of visa are and how to apply.

Australian Visa for Canadians


  1. About the Australian Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) for Canadian Citizens
  2. Australian Visa Requirements for Canada
  3. Other Australia Visa Requirements for Canada
  4. Do I Need a Visa to Visit Australia from Canada?
  5. How to Get a Visa to Australia from Canada?
  6. How to Apply Online for an Australian Visa from Canada?
  7. How Much is a Visa for Australia from Canada?
  8. Types of Australian Visa
  9. Conclusion

About the Australian Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) for Canadian Citizens

As a Canadian citizen with a Canadian passport, you will need a visa to travel to Australia.

There are many different types of visa depending upon the purpose of your visit and the duration of your visit.

For short-term trips, of less than 3 months duration in any one visit, Canadian citizens are eligible to apply for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), as long as they meet certain requirements (see below).

An ETA is valid for multiple entries into the country within a 12-month period. For visits of longer than 3 months duration, you will need a visitor visa (subclass 600) instead.

Australian Visa Requirements for Canada

The eligibility criteria for an Australian visa (specifically an ETA) are:

  • you must be from an eligible country – Canada is one of them
  • you must not be in Australia at the time of applying for the visa (although you can be in immigration control)
  • you must be visiting only for tourism, visiting friends or family or for a business trip. A business trip includes traveling to look for work, but you are not actually allowed to work under an ETA.

In addition, for your application to be accepted:

  1. you must not have a criminal conviction for which you spent more than one year in jail
  2. you must not have tuberculosis at the time of travel and,
  3. your passport must be valid for at least six months from the day of travel.

Other Australia Visa Requirements for Canada

If you are traveling for longer than three months in one visit you will need to apply for a visitor visa rather than an ETA. If you want to work while in Australia, you will need to obtain a work visa and the visa requirements if you wish to stay in Australia permanently are different again.

It is recommended you visit the Australian Visa Service website to determine which visa is right for you for any trips other than short-term tourism, visiting friends, family or for business.

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Australia from Canada?

Yes, you absolutely do need a visa to visit Australia from Canada if you are a Canadian citizen and don’t hold an Australian passport. Whatever the nature or duration of your visit, you will need a visa.

You will not be allowed to enter Australia without one, although you can apply for one in immigration when you arrive assuming you meet the eligibility criteria. This is not recommended, however.

Australian citizens in Canada do not need a visa to visit Australia.

How to Get a Visa to Australia from Canada?

All visa types are available from the Australian Visa Application Website. Use the link above to determine which is the appropriate visa for you.

For short-term trips (less than 3 months) for leisure or business, you will require an ETA. Getting an ETA is a very simple process.

You can apply online via the Australian Visa Service website here:


How to Apply Online for an Australian Visa from Canada?

It is possible to apply for ETAs from third-party providers. Essentially, they charge you a little bit more to fill in the application for you.

However, since an ETA application is relatively simple, you can do it yourself at the Australian Visa Service website here:

If you haven’t already started an application, click the button that says Apply for an ETA and enter the information as prompted.

Australian Visa Application

How Much is a Visa for Australia from Canada?

Different visas have different fees. An ETA, whether it is for leisure (subclass 601-T) or business (subclass 601-B) is free although there is a 39 EUR online application fee, payable by Visa/Mastercard/American Express and other credit cards. Other visa are more expensive.

It is recommended you visit the Australian Visa Service website for the cost of different types of Australian visa for Canadian citizens.

Types of Australian Visa

There are multiple types of Australian visa for Canadian passport holders. The three visas most commonly applied for are the visitor visa (subclass 600), the tourist visa (subclass 601-T) and the business visa (subclass 601-B). These are described below.

Visitor Visa for Australia from Canada

The visitor visa allows Canadian citizens to travel to Australia and stay in the country for longer than 3 months in any one visit.

This includes cruises around the country in which you will call into Australian ports over the course of a 3-month duration.

In other respects, it is similar to the tourist visa.

Australia Tourist Visa from Canada

The tourist visa, or ETA, allows Canadian citizens to travel to Australia and stay in the country for tourism and leisure and to visit friends and family for durations of less than 3 months for any given visit.

ETAs are valid for 12 months and multiple visits to Australia are allowed within that time even if the total duration of visits is more than 3 months.

Business visa for Australia from Canada

If you are traveling to Australia from Canada for a business reason, such as for a meeting with colleagues, suppliers or clients or for a conference or exhibition or to look for work, you will need a business visa (subclass 601-B).

This is also an ETA and the eligibility requirements are otherwise the same as for a tourist visa.


In conclusion, to travel to Australia as a Canadian citizen you will need a visa. It is recommended you use the Australian Visa Application website to determine which visa is appropriate for you.

For most trips for leisure or business, you will need an Electronic Travel Authority (eTA for Visa-Exempt Travelers) meaning you don’t need a paper visa in your passport.

You can apply for an ETA online at although third parties will apply for you for a small additional fee.